In Focus: Sūtras for Well-Being

18 Nov 2020

In response to 2020’s unique challenges, our first fully, digital outreach initiative—Sūtras for Well-Being—supports our global community in feeling inspired, connected, and uplifted, offering a multimedia look at the sūtras traditionally recited for resilience and well-being in times of adversity, and the stories behind them. Read more »

Bittersweet: Cangioli Che Announces her Departure from 84000

18 Nov 2020

It feels somewhat bittersweet to share the news that after eleven years helping to incubate, develop, and advise 84000, Cangioli Che is stepping down from the Executive Committee. Since 2009, Cangioli has been instrumental in building the foundations to allow 84000 to become what we are today. Read more »

New Publication: The Questions of Brahmadatta

15 Oct 2020

The Questions of Brahmadatta begins with the bodhisattva Amoghadarśin departing from the Jeta Grove of Śrāvastī, where the Buddha is residing. Together with more than five hundred bodhisattvas, he travels to the region of Pañcāla, where King Brahmadatta requests Amoghadarśin to impart teachings to him and his citizens. Read more »

New Publication: The Questions of Pratibhānamati

8 Oct 2020

The subject matter of this sūtra is indicated by the alternative title suggested by the Buddha himself in its conclusion: The Teaching That Clarifies Karma. In the opening section, the merchant Pratibhānamati, expresses concern about the state of society and what will become of the saṅgha in times to come. Read more »

New Publication: Praise to Tārā with Twenty-One Verses of Homage

22 Sep 2020

For Tibetan Buddhists, the Praise to Tārā with Twenty-One Verses of Homage is undoubtedly the most popular prayer to the deity Tārā, and is recited on a daily basis by many monks, nuns, and lay practitioners alike. Read more »

New Publication: The Inquiry of Lokadhara

20 Aug 2020

Announced today, in The Inquiry of Lokadhara, the bodhisattva Lokadhara asks the Buddha to explain the proper way for bodhisattvas to discern the characteristics of phenomena and employ that knowledge to attain awakening. Read more »

A Tribute to Steven Goodman, 1945 – 2020

17 Aug 2020

All of us at 84000 were very sad to learn that our dear friend and colleague Steven Goodman, one of the founding members of 84000’s Working Committee, died in the afternoon of Monday, 3 August, at the age of 75. Read more »

The Suffering of Change in Today’s World

17 Aug 2020

Last month, Deborah Dorjee—an instructor at Siddhartha’s Intent—kindly hosted a session during our twenty-four hour virtual sūtra recitation. In these uncertain times, we decided to sit down and talk with her more about the potential for Buddhism to help build mental and emotional resilience. Read more »

Cultural Translation: Setting the Sūtras to Music

17 Aug 2020

In June, 84000 reached out to US-born,Taiwan-transplant Harry Einhorn for an original musical composition to accompany our recently published text, “The Dedication: Fulfilling All Aspirations.” Here, we sit down with Harry to talk about Buddhism and creative culture. Read more »