Work Flow

What It Takes To Produce A Page of Translation

Translation and editorial overview

Phase 1 : Translation

I. Grant selection
  1. Grant proposal submission
  2. Grant evaluation
  3. Grant agreement confirmation
  1. Research
  2. Consult multiple editions
  3. Initial reading
  4. First draft
  5. Subsequent revisions
  6. Preparation of auxilliary materials
  7. Further stylistic revisions
III. Editorial
  1. Coordinate and provide guidance to translators
  2. Review and edit translations at various stages
  3. Ensure overall translation quality
  4. Manage review process
IV. Review
  1. Ongoing internal review
  2. External review
  3. Final draft

Phase 2 : Publication

I. Copyediting
  1. Pre-copyediting check
  2. Copyediting
II. Pre-publication
  1. Post-copyediting check
  2. Detailed pre-publication review and editing
III. TEI Markup
  1. TEI markup
  2. Post-markup problem solving
IV. Final editing
  1. Final editorial review
  2. Problem solving
V. Publication
  1. Internal release
  2. Pre-release checks and proofreading
  3. Public release

Editorial overview and management accross all stages.


Ongoing development and maintenance of:

  • Mass online publication database (online reading room)
  • Editorial tools (e.g. Layers of editorial access etc.)
  • Translation tools and resources (e.g. Cumulative glossary, terminology pages, etc.)
  • User interface features and design (e.g. Automatic mutli-format generators including PDF and others, multi-level search function, etc.)
  • Version control
  • Backup system

Operations and administration

  • Stategic planning and implementation
  • Translation grant administration
  • Administration of payment and services
  • Communications and fundraising
  • Human ressource management

Training and developement

  • Identification of training needs of translators, editors, copyeditors, markup editors, and knowledge/skills needed across all stages of work
  • Work with partner organizations/institutions to enhance translation standards, and to ensure a steady stream of translators tosustain 84000’s work in the long term