84000’s First Page Drive

Photo: Qiu Hong

Page sponsorship makes it possible for 84000 to keep a steady flow of grants to translators. It also frees us to devote other funds we raise to the provision of new tools and resources for translators, the continued development of the reading room features and technology, and the long-term preservation of the translations, online and offline.

We need your help. Our goal is to reach the point where the number of sponsored pages EQUALS the number of pages of commissioned translation. To date, we have only half of the funding necessary to complete the translation of the pages already commissioned. Between now and the end of November, can you help us close the page gap?

If you have not yet sponsored any pages, please consider joining the more than 1,300 people who have already done so. Donations may be made as recurring monthly payments or one-time payments.

If you have already sponsored one or more pages or have otherwise donated to 84000 in the past, we want to say a heartfelt thank you! Your contribution(s) enabled the opening of the online reading room and the completion of the first translations! We hope you will consider sponsoring more pages.

You are welcome to dedicate your donation to a Buddhist/spiritual teacher or organization. At the end of the drive, we will inform the respective teachers or organizations of the total number of pages dedicated to them during the drive. We will also announce the top three in our year-end eNews. Please help spread the word in your community.

Thank you for your support!


Posted: 21 Sep 2012