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New Publication: The Sūtra of the Inquiry of Subāhu

In our latest publication, The Sūtra of the Inquiry of Subāhu, Śākyamuni Buddha describes how a bodhisattva should ideally train in the six perfections. Read more »

84000新英譯佛典:《善臂所問經》 (大正藏:大寶積經善臂菩薩會 第二十六)

84000新英譯佛典:《善臂所問經》 (大正藏:大寶積經善臂菩薩會 第二十六) Read more »

New Publication: The Questions of Ratnacandra

Our latest publication, The Questions of Ratna­candra, is a sūtra in which Ratna­candra, a prince from the country of Magadha, requests the Buddha Śākyamuni to reveal the names of the ten buddhas who dwell in the ten directions. Read more »


84000新英譯佛典:《寶月所問經》 Read more »


84000新英譯佛典:《度母八難救濟經》 Read more »

New Publication: Tārā Who Protects from the Eight Dangers

84000 announces a new sūtra publication, Tārā Who Protects from the Eight Dangers, in which the goddess Tārā warns the gods of the desire realm about the miseries of saṃsāra and offers a pithy Dharma teaching to free them from harm. Read more »


《如來智印三昧經》中,無量無邊菩薩祈請釋迦牟尼佛教授如來之三昧。於是佛陀為文殊童子、彌勒菩薩等大眾開示甚深教法, 並勸告弟子當精勤受持三昧正法。經文中還介紹了菩薩的功德和次第成就。 Read more »

New Publication: The Absorption of the Thus-Gone One’s Wisdom Seal

Our latest publication is a sūtra significant in the canon of the Great Vehicle for its rich description of the highest levels of Buddhist absorption, as well as for its unique discussion of the stages of a bodhisattva’s journey and the qualities that pertain to them. Read more »


離車族童子寶網於夢中得天神之啟示,遂親詣佛所祈請佛陀至毘舍離城。待佛入得城中,寶網童子請佛開示,是否有得聞其名,即可增長菩薩功德之往昔諸佛名號。佛陀言是,並為其宣說東南西北四維上下諸佛名號及其大威神力。寶網童子信受佛語,佛陀進而鼓勵寶網童子日後為人演說此經。 Read more »


本經之主題為般若波羅蜜多,即觀一切法相皆空之大智慧。經文起始由舍利弗宣講法義,接著佛陀應阿難與文殊師利所問而向眾比丘、菩薩與優婆塞等開轉法輪。此法特為聲聞者、尚未證得般若波羅蜜之「菩提薩埵旃陀羅」及仍執於顯像者而說。佛陀為文殊與舍利弗詳解諸法皆空之理,並說空性中雖無可取亦無可棄,卻能容納一切有為法、無為法,包括菩薩之無量利他事業 。 Read more »

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