Sūtras for Well-Being Series

29 Apr 2020

As people around the world entered into successive waves of Coronavirus-induced uncertainty and sufferings, we had many of our friends and followers asking us for inspiring content to help get us through this challenging time of distancing, quarantines, and lockdowns. We are now excited to share with you a new project, Sūtras for Wellbeing! Read more »

New Publication: The Mahāsūtra “On Entering the City of Vaiśālī”

22 Apr 2020

We are thrilled to share the first sūtra in our new series, Sūtras for Wellbeing, which has fast-tracked for publication short sūtras traditionally recited for resilience and wellbeing in times of adversity. Stay tuned as we share further insights about each of the sūtras in this new series! Read more »


22 Apr 2020

英譯版「消災祈福」系列經典之(一):《入毘舍離城大經》 Read more »

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche: On Being Brave

20 Apr 2020

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary our Founding Chair, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche shares with us the beneficial potential of today’s continually evolving technology and how it can—and should—be put to good use. Read more »

Language, Philology, and the Motif of the Courtesan

20 Apr 2020

Professor Jens Braarvig talks to us about his translation of ‘The Miraculous Play of Mañjuśri’ – a Mahāyāna sūtra that unfolds within a story about a courtesan and a wealthy, banker’s son – as well as the importance of language and philology in Buddhist studies. Read more »

Gyurme Dorje 1950 – 2020

20 Apr 2020

It is with great sadness that we share news of the passing away of one of our most expert and productive translators, Dr. Gyurme Dorje. John Canti, our Editorial Co-Director, pays tribute to Gyurme’s life, personal qualities, and achievements as a prolific and dedicated translator. Read more »

久美多傑(Gyurme Dorje)1950-2020

19 Apr 2020

我們最權威和高產量的譯者之一,久美多傑博士,二月期間在蘇格蘭鄧迪市的醫院逝世。雖然我們沉痛地發布這則訃告,但是他作為譯者和學者的人生、品格與成就將永垂青史。 Read more »


19 Apr 2020

我們最近發布了延斯•厄爾蘭德•波拉維格(Jens Erland Braarvig)教授翻譯的《文殊師利遊戲經》。這部經典以名伎與富家子的瘋狂故事為起點,隨後展開這大乘典籍的深奧教法。在與波拉維格教授的訪談中,我們談到了語言的重要性,以及經中非常規的人物特質。 Read more »


19 Apr 2020

在慶祝84000成立十週年之際,宗薩欽哲仁波切撰文開示,對於新時代,我們應當擁抱變化,運用科技承事佛法傳播。 Read more »