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「84000趣畫」創意賽得獎名單公布 Read more »


請觀看「東岸猶太人」拉瑞•默梅爾斯坦(Larry Mermelstein,那爛陀翻譯小組執行長)的訪談,聽聽是什麼樣的因緣聚會,讓他從一個閱讀猶太教妥拉經的孩子,變成佛典譯者。 Read more »


過去幾年間,多位傳法上師曾以84000新譯完成的經典作為教學主題講演開示,開啟英譯佛經的研讀與弘揚。84000因此推出新的「八萬四千講經堂」欄目,收錄匯集84000經文的弘法教授,為讀者們提供更加多元深入的經藏學習資源。 Read more »


2020年,84000即將邁入第一個「十年」!誠摯地邀請您與我們一起回顧過去十年成長的腳步。 Read more »

From Reading the Torah to Translating the Sūtras

Watch our interview with self-described “east coast Jew,” Larry Mermelstein, who through a series of causes, conditions, and circumstances went from reading the Torah to translating the sūtras. Read more »

Our Offering to You: Teachings on Sūtra

The last thing we want to do is make translations that are objects of reverence but are not used. We must use our translations in study and practice. These words, spoken by Dzogchen Pönlop Rinpoche at the 2009 conference that … Read more »

Not Nine; but Rising Ten

As we approach our 10th anniversary, and with Thanksgiving having just passed, we are so grateful for what we have and for the journey and support that has brought us thus far. Read more »

Winning Designs for Wisdom

We are thrilled to share here Milton Glaser’s selection for the winning and runner-up submissions of our Design for Wisdom, Doodle for 84000 contest! Read more »

New Publication: The Teaching on the Aids to Enlightenment

On the auspicious occasion of Lhabab Dechen, we are pleased to announce a new publication, The Teaching on the Aids to Enlightenment. Read more »


84000新英譯佛典:菩提分經(大正藏:佛說大乘善見變化文殊師利問法經) Read more »

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