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「84000趣畫」創意賽: 徵集十週年慶創意徽標作品!

「84000趣畫」靈感源於Google Doodle首頁趣畫的概念,是在商標的基礎上依據各種節慶日或紀念日而設計的創意標誌。在即將滿十週年之際,我們誠邀各界法友為84000設計專屬十週年慶的創意徽標。 Read more »

Stories of 84000: Mike Engle

Deeply involved for a long time in the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism, Mike Engle has become one of the key figures working behind the scenes in 84000 since joining us formally in 2016. Read more »

Resounding Wisdom around the World

Last month, over Saga Dawa, we heard words that had been passed down orally for decades and committed to paper—or to palmleaf—over two thousand years ago, brought to life again as they were resounded around the world in English, Tibetan, … Read more »

New Collaborator: The Kumarajiva Project

Last week Khyentse Foundation launch the Kumarajiva Project, an exciting new translation effort which aims to support the continued study and practice of the Buddhadharma in Chinese-speaking societies by expanding the Chinese treasury of Buddhist texts. Read more »

84000人物特寫:邁克‧恩格爾(Mike Engle)

邁克‧恩格爾(Mike Engle)是84000工作團隊幕後的關鍵人物之一,自2016年正式加入團隊以來,成功地將最初費力耗時的經文數據手工標記方法轉變成快速有效的編輯程序。他無私奉獻的精神、專業的技能以及積極創新的思考能力,可說是84000不可多得的珍貴人力資產。 Read more »

新合作夥伴:「圓滿法藏 · 佛典漢譯」

7月8日,欽哲基金會宣布正式啟動「圓滿法藏 • 佛典漢譯」計畫。「圓滿法藏」是繼【八萬四千 • 佛典傳譯】成功開展後,宗薩欽哲仁波切發起的另一項譯經計畫,旨在將所有未收錄於漢文大藏經中的藏文大藏經完整地漢譯。 Read more »


6月16~18日薩噶達瓦期間,我們以「經典迴響」的方式邀請全球各地法友使用中英藏語,一同念誦佛陀兩千多年前所宣說的智慧法語。由衷感謝超過5900位來自40多個國家與地區的法友踴躍地參與此屆的「經典迴響」活動。 Read more »


84000推出新英譯佛典:《布施波羅蜜多經》 Read more »

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