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84000推出新英譯佛典:《薄伽梵究竟智方廣經無邊寶大乘經》 Read more »

New Publication: The Precious Discourse on the Blessed One’s Extensive Wisdom That Leads to Infinite Certainty

We are thrilled to announce the publication of a new sūtra ‘The Precious Discourse on the Blessed One’s Extensive Wisdom That Leads to Infinite Certainty.’ Read more »

Tom Tillemans in Conversation

Here, some of those who have worked most closely with Tom, pay tribute to his tenure, his contributions, and the incredible wealth of knowledge he has so generously shared with the world. Read more »

Taking over the Reins: Meet our new editor-in-chief, James Gentry

James Gentry joined 84000’s editorial committee in 2015, and this year sees him formally taking over the reins from outgoing editor-in-chief Tom Tillemans. Read more »

Tributes to Tom Tillemans

After almost ten years of service, Tom Tillemans, 84000’s outgoing editor-in-chief, pauses briefly to talk with us about his journey, ‘problems of thinking,’ revelatory philosophical arguments, and the importance of maintaining a balance in our unique, three-pronged approach. Read more »

新任總編輯:詹姆斯‧金特利(James Gentry)

詹姆斯‧金特利將正式接任總編輯的職務。他與我們分享自己學習佛法的因緣以及他將如何承續前任總編提勒曼教授所託付的重任。 Read more »

向湯姆‧提勒曼(Tom Tillemans)教授致敬

沒有提勒曼教授,就沒有現今的84000。幾位同事與我們分享感言,對他在任期內卓越的成就、無私的奉獻及淵博的學識表達最深的敬意。 Read more »

湯姆‧提勒曼(Tom Tillemans)教授訪談

提勒曼教授為佛典翻譯工作努力不懈了近十年的光陰。在他正式退休之際,我們特別請提勒曼教授分享他這一路走來的心路歷程。 Read more »

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