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New 84000 Publication: The Teaching on the Indivisible Nature of the Realm of Phenomena

We are pleased to announce a new 84000 translation and Reading Room publication: The Teaching on the Indivisible Nature of the Realm of Phenomena. Read more »


【八萬四千 • 佛典傳譯】新推出英譯佛經:《大乘法界體性無分別經》。歡迎前往84000雲端藏經閣閱讀全文。
Read more »

Celebrating in Bodhgaya

We are pleased to announce 84000’s 4th Resounding Under the Bodhi Tree, at Bodhgaya – the site of Buddha’s enlightenment! Read more »

第四屆「菩提樹下 • 經典迴響」

【八萬四千 • 佛典傳譯】將於今年十一月與宗薩欽哲確吉羅卓佛學院, 共同舉辦第四屆「菩提樹下 • 經典迴響」! Read more »

It’s all about the… Access!

Three new features in our Reading Room integrate our texts with better technologies that help readers get the most out of the sūtras. Read more »


新增加的藏英雙語介面和亞馬遜等格式的電子書檔案下載,讓讀佛典更加容易方便。 Read more »

Stories of 84000: Ushnisha Ng

Ushnisha Ng – fondly known as Ush – is a familiar face to many volunteers and supporters of 84000 and is now doing more than ever.  Read more »

84000人物特寫:黃靜儀(Ushnisha Ng)

84000營運經理黃靜儀Ush,是義工和護持者都熟悉的面孔。她的責任感與細心,是我們在全球舉辦的各項活動能夠成功的關鍵之一。 Read more »

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