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Launch of New State-of-the-Art Reading Room

84000 launches new state-of the-art Reading Room that is mobile-friendly and meets rigorous international standards. Read more »


新版[crr]使用的是最先進的技術,頁面美觀清晰,可用於各種移動設備,並且採用了符合國際標準的文獻編碼編譯文本。 Read more »


84000發布了十部最新譯成的經典,其中包括兩部敘述彌勒菩薩與世尊之間精彩對談的經典。 Read more »

10 New Texts to Celebrate Launch

The new Reading Room contains 10 newly published translations, including two important sutras featuring encounters between Buddha and Maitreya. Read more »


為了慶賀新版雲端藏經閣的推出,84000主席宗薩欽哲仁波切傳來一段訊息,感謝所有「自願少喝一杯咖啡,並將節省下來的錢拿來捐助半頁經文的翻譯」的護持者。 Read more »

A Message from Our Founder

Rinpoche gives thanks to “all those supporters who consciously decided not to have that extra cup of coffee, and instead saved their money to translate half a page of Sutra.” Read more »

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