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「很多人說五十年內英文將變成國際通用語言。如此一來,佛法也需要國際化。要迎合這種發展形勢,就一定需要英文翻譯。」——直貢澈贊法王 Read more »

Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang on 84000

“[What] you have given me is extremely precious. So now as I travel around the world, whenever there is an opportunity, I will share these teachings.” Read more »


「我相信水滴石穿、众志成城的力量,还有上师『不因善小而不为之』的叮咛。有心就有力量。」——郭麗晶 Read more »

The Power of More

A group of Malaysian Buddhists have been contributing funds every year. Over six years, a total of 418 people have made donations, raising enough to sponsor 86 pages to date. Read more »


在這個殊勝的佛吉祥月中,我們很歡喜地與您分享一段摘錄自《依止善知識經》的佛陀法語。 Read more »

Happy Saga Dawa 2016!

We invite you to visit the Reading Room and read the words of the Buddha in this month of Saga Dawa. Read more »

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