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Happy Losar 2015!

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche has a special New Year message for all our supporters. Read more »


值此新春佳節之際,宗薩欽哲仁波切為所有84000的護持者獻上一份特殊的新年祝語。 Read more »


歡迎您閱讀最新翻譯成英文的經典《入諸佛境界智光明莊嚴經》來迎接新的一年。 Read more »

New Text: The Ornament of the Light of Awareness

Celebrate this Losar by reading our most recent publication: The Ornament of the Light of Awareness. Read more »


在藍毗尼經典迴響之後,我們採訪了一些參加者,請他們分享對於經典迴響活動的感言。 Read more »

Reflections on Sūtra Resounding

Watch the video interviews of people who took part in the Lumbini resounding on December 6, 2014. Read more »


薩迦法王在聖地藍毗尼主持經典迴響時,給予了一段重要的開示。 Read more »

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