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感謝大家對84000的熱情關注。請持續為我們祈願,給予我們您的善念與祝福。 Read more »


84000推出原創動畫視頻,期待通過現代媒體,以耳目一新的方式讓更多人能了解佛典傳譯的重要性。 Read more »

84000 Launches New Video

84000 launches new video via 24-hour social media campaign. Join us now! Read more »


要將一頁佛典從藏文翻譯到英文,其中包含了哪些工作階段與流程?翻譯一頁需要用上多少時間? Read more »


薩迦法王於紐約引領一場經典迴響。法王多次強調不應僅將佛典供上佛壇,而應加以研讀,才對修行有所助益。 Read more »

What It Takes to Produce A Page of Translation

Learn about all the work that goes into translating a page from Tibetan into English. Read more »

84000 Sutra Resounding led by HH Sakya Trizin

HH Sakya Trizin talked about the importance of going beyond reverence to actually studying the Buddha’s words. Read more »

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