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我們最新的線上捐款頁面,為捐助者提供了贊助一字、一節、一句、一頁的多重選項。 Read more »


薩迦崔津法王將於4月3日在紐約為傳授《給忽必烈的法寶》,並且引領經典迴響。 Read more »

Up Close With A Translator: Julia Stenzel

Video interview of Julia Stenzel from Sakya Pandita Translation Group, on the “Ākāśagarbha Sūtra” and its translation process. Read more »

Up Close with a Translator: Christian Bernert

Christian Bernert reflects on the translation of the “Ākāśagarbha Sūtra,” and expresses his gratitude to our donors. Read more »

New Donation Levels

Our new donation page is up! Donors can now contribute at the Word, Verse, Sentence, and Page levels. Read more »


Read more »

Creative Commons License

Copyright or copyleft? Find out how you can use 84000’s works responsibly. Read more »

Sutra resounding in NY, led by HH Sakya Trizin

HH Sakya Trizin will teach “A Gift of Dharma to Kublai Khan” (Apr 1-3), and lead a sutra resounding at the end. Join us in Walden, NY. Read more »


藏傳佛教的資深學者們,在雪謙寺共同探討翻譯《藏文大藏經》過程中所遇到的複雜難題。 Read more »

The Cost of a Page

One of 84000’s most frequent questions is why a page costs US$250 USD to translate? Read more »

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