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電子通訊 • 第13期

【八萬四千】獨立了!• 翻譯工作 穩定進展 • 傳播信息 Read more »


84000宣布成為獨立運作的社團。 Read more »


84000在台灣向來自世界各地的650位聽眾做了公開演講。 Read more »


84000登門拜訪香港佛門網。 Read more »


84000的最新譯作《莊嚴寶篋經》,是這次宗薩欽哲仁波切在香港公開演講的主題。 Read more »


84000最新的經典翻譯《大遊戲經》,是這次宗薩欽哲仁波切公開演講的主題。 Read more »

eNews 14

84000 — global effort, global presence, and global impact. Read more »

First Four Years of the 84000 Journey

Huang Jing Rui, Executive Director of 84000, thanks supporters for the progress made over the last four years. Read more »

Impact of Our Work

1.9 million hits on the reading room and 80,000 text downloads. Thank you for helping us make an impact! Read more »

Delhi Symposium 2013

A symposium was held in New Delhi to raise awareness on the value of the Buddha’s heritage in India. Read more »

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