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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (expand all)

Why 70,000 pages?

The core of the Indo-Tibetan Buddhist literary heritage consists of:
Spoken teachings of the Buddha
1,169 texts containing 70,000 pages.
Treatises on the Kangyur by Indian scholars
4,093 texts containing 161,800 pages.
Treatises on the Kangyur by Tibetan scholars
More voluminous than the Kangyur and Tengyur combined. Page counts are not yet available.

This information is based on Dr. Phillip Stanley’s report on his nearly two decades of research.

The first step is the translation of the Kangyur, which contains 70,000 Tibetan pages. The second step will be the translation of the Tengyur, which has more than twice the number of pages as the Kangyur.

What does “one page” mean?

“One page” means one side of a two-sided Tibetan folio. When translated into English, one Tibetan page is roughly equivalent to one and a quarter A4-sized pages, or two pages of a printed book.

How is the cost per page derived?

The per-page cost of US$250 was derived from the experience gained through our pilot translations, as well as comparisons with existing models of compensation for translators.

Why does a page cost US$250?

84000 depends on the knowledge of teams of scholars, who have a combination of skills that are hard to find. This allows 84000 to create quality translations that ensure the most accurate representation of the Buddha’s words possible.

84000’s teams of translators have expertise in:

  • Classical Tibetan
  • Buddhist Sanskrit
  • English
  • Buddhist philosophy

The cost of a page includes more than the translator’s direct translation hours. The translation process is complicated and time-consuming, involving primary and secondary source material research, textual comparisons, research and consultation on tough subject matters and terminology and more. These are some of the essential steps in producing a good translation:

  • Obtain and compare multiple versions of the Tibetan text
  • Study the meaning of the text, the terms used and any discrepancies among the various versions
  • Consult Sanskrit and Chinese versions of the text, along with any other available translations
  • Read Indian and Tibetan commentaries as well as academic studies that explain the text
  • Research problems and consult with advisors
  • Develop several draft translations
  • Edit the translation and refine the language
  • Prepare notes, footnotes and other supporting materials
  • Proofread the translation

Your donation of US$250 allows the commissioning of qualified translators and teams to produce one page of the Kangyur in English.

To learn more about the detailed work flow and what it takes to produce a page of translation, please click here.

Is this the full cost of the translation?

No. In addition to the steps outlined in the previous section, an efficient system is being developed to support the long-term continuity of the work, and to ensure the accuracy and readability of the translations. Some of the essential tasks include:

  • Initial planning and organizational set-up
  • Pilot translations
  • Review
  • Editing, design, layout, and prepublication work
  • Development of tools and resources to aid translation work
  • Training of translators to ensure long-term continuity
  • Administrative and operating costs

These costs will be covered by our 108 Founding Sponsors (already completed), 84000 Circle sponsors (new donation program), and other donations made to 84000.

How do I sponsor a page?

To donate using debit/credit card, please click on the online donation form.

To donate by check or wire transfer, please contact us at info@84000.co.

Click here to find out how you can sponsor a sutra, or contact us at info@84000.co for more information.

JOIN US as we take the first major step to translate the 70,000 pages of the Kangyur.

The gift of Dharma surpasses all gifts.

The Buddha

Presentation of the Dharma in languages other than Tibetan and Sanskrit will create great merit and through this so many people can attain liberation and enlightenment.

HH the Sakya Trizin

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