Looking Back on Bodhgaya 2018

Read about the flurry of Dharmic activity offered under the Bodhi Tree during various events in Bodhgaya 2018! Read more »

Questions for a Not-So-Old Lady

Meet 84000 translator Yangchen Dolkar Tsatultsang, one of the few female Tibetan sūtra translators in the world. Read more »

Planting a Seed for the “Impossible”

Ding Nai-chu shares her story of a humbling experience in a small Himalayan village and how it relates to her involvement with 84000. Read more »

The First 84000 Sutra Resounding

Listen to the buzzing orchestra of human voices reading different sutras at the same time and carrying the words of the Buddha out into the world. Read more »

Happy Saga Dawa 2012!

In commemoration of the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death, let us reflect on the Buddha’s words from the sutra, “The Questions of an Old Lady”. Read more »

Hold the date! Sutra Resounding in Washington DC!

Find out more about the very first 84000 Sutra Resounding event, a free, participatory public reading of the translated words of the Buddha. Read more »

Video Guide to the Reading Room

Want to learn how to navigate the reading room? Check out the video guide here. Read more »

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