Happy Losar 2014!

As the Year of the Wood Horse begins, we offer you a newly translated text: “The Ākāśagarbha Sūtra.” Read more »

eNews 14

84000 — global effort, global presence, and global impact. Read more »

eNews 13

84000 matures to independence, with steady progress on translations. Read more »

Happy Vesak and Saga Dawa 2013!

On this auspicious occasion, we offer you two newly translated sutras: “The Play in Full” and “The Basket’s Display.” Read more »

Happy Losar 2013!

84000 marks the beginning of the Year of the Water Snake with two NEW completed translations of the Kangyur. Read more »

eNews 11

New Translations and Page Drive, Sūtra Resounding in Bodhgaya, A Brief History of Buddhist Canons. Read more »

eNews 10

84000’s First Page Drive, Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche on Sutra Resounding, an interview with Ina Bieler, and more. Read more »

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