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【八萬四千 • 佛典傳譯】新推出英譯佛經:《出家本事》。歡迎前往84000雲端藏經閣閱讀全文。 Read more »


5月29日,誠邀您與我們一起高聲讀誦《月燈三昧經》,讓佛陀的智慧法語遍傳法界! Read more »

2018 Translation Grant Cycle Opens

The 2018 call for translation grant proposals is currently open! All interested translators, please send in your proposals by July 15, 2018. Read more »


84000近期推出的《佛說稻芉經》,是一部以緣起為主題的重要經典。 Read more »

The Rice Seedling and its Fruit

The Rice Seedling is one of the most important sūtras on the topic of dependent arising. Hear from the translation team and about its debut in Bodhgaya. Read more »

Avikrita Vajra Rinpoche on Translation

Avikrita Vajra Rinpoche promotes translation efforts with a heartfelt message to a large gathering of resounding participants in Hong Kong. Read more »