The Matching Funds Program is designed to incentivize small-dollar donors to give to 84000 on a recurring basis by offering to match those donations dollar-for-dollar. We would like to thank the following Matching Funds sponsors for their gift to 84000 and their generosity in allowing small-dollar donors to feel their contribution is making a more significant impact on the progress of the translation of the Tibetan Buddhist canon.

1. Anonymous

2. Yoko Su, Hans Chen, Joie Chen

3. Mr. and Mrs. Wang, Weiduo

Every year, we commission a new batch of translations. Some of the designated texts are long, important sūtras that require a sizeable amount of funding in order to see the translation process through to completion. We would like to thank our sponsors for their generous support of the “Sponsor A Sūtra” program.

Our Sūtra Sponsors

Toh 9 Perfection of Wisdom in 25,000 Lines

Sponsored by: Kris Yao and Xiang-Jen Yao

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The Perfection of Wisdom in 25,000 Lines is the second longest of the six ‘mother’ Prajñāpāramitā texts (yum drug). It comprises three entire volumes of the Kangyur (vols. 26-28) and is divided into 76 chapters relating dialogues between the Buddha and senior disciples, notably Śāriputra, Subhūti and Ānanda.

With some exceptions, the text parallels the structure of the other Perfection of Wisdom sūtras, especially the Prajñāpāramitā in 10,000 Lines, yet it has traditionally been regarded as more influential, analyzing the bodhisattvas’ transcendent perfections in considerably greater detail, and showing how bodhisattvas should practise them without ever considering either their practice, or any other phenomena whatsoever, as truly existing.

An original Sanskrit version found in Gilgit exists, as well as four distinct Chinese translations. There is also an important recast Sanskrit manuscript, possibly of 5th century origin, which divides the text according to the eight sections of Asaṅga-Maitreya’s famous treatise, the Abhisamayālaṃkāra. The Tibetan text dates from the 9th century. There are several important commentaries on the text in the Tengyur, by Haribhadra, Smṛtijñānakīrti, Vimuktasena and others.
Estimated to be completed in 8 years.

No. of pages: 2,309 pages

Padmakara Translation Group
Gyurme Dorje, Pema Wangyal Rinpoche, Jigme Khyentse Rinpoche, Khenpo Pema Sherab, Charles Hastings

Toh 231 The Jewel Cloud Sūtra

Sponsored by: George Gu, May E Ho Gu, Likai Gu, Lilian Gu, Jerry Yen,
E E Ho, Minda & Miin Ho, Chung Da, Beiying Ho

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In this text, the Buddha likens the buddhadharma to the precious rain, and expounds on the virtues and merit that a bodhisattva needs to accumulate.

The sūtra contains extensive lists enumerating the different qualities and practices of buddhas and bodhisattvas in 108 categories, and was an important source of terminology for the Tibetan Translators of the early period. This is one of the earliest texts to be translated from Sanskrit into Tibetan.

No. of pages: 224 pages

Dharmachakra Translation Committee:
Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche, Thomas Doctor, Andreas Doctor

Toh 232/233 Great Cloud

Sponsored by: Anonymous

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The “Great Cloud” is a group of sūtras with the theme of using clouds and rain as analogy to describe the nourishing, life-giving qualities of the Buddha’s teachings and activities.

The sūtras were taught in the presence of many nāgas, for whom water is of prime importance; throughout the ages, these texts have also been used in times of drought to invoke the Buddha’s blessings in the form of rain.

No. of pages: 229 pages

University of the West:
Dr. Joshua Capitanio, Victor Gabriel, Dr. Miroj Shakya

Toh 44 (Ch 31) The Ten Levels

Sponsored by: Shakya Dewa and family

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This is an important and popular Mahāyāna sūtra which sets out in detail the characteristics, qualities and accomplishments of the ten bodhisattva levels. Forming part of the Avataṃsaka sūtra, this text is often considered a sūtra in its own right, and is frequently quoted in many commentarial materials.

No. of pages: 234 pages

Dr Peter Alan Robert, Emily Bower, Yeshi Tulku

Toh 1 (Ch 1) The Foundations of the Renunciate Order
Vinayavastu Pravrajyāvastu

Sponsored by: Zhou Tian Yu, Chen Yi Qin, Irene Tillman, Archie Kao, Zhou Xun

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The Vinayavastu (“Principles of Discipline”) is a compilation of material underlying the establishment of the rules of Buddhist discipline, and includes a wealth of stories, parables, and history.

The first book-length section, “The Foundations of the Renunciate Order,” concerns the subject of ordination and monastic code of conduct. It also contains many other elements, including the detailed biographies of two of the Buddha’s main disciples, Sariputra and Maudgalyayana.

No. of pages: 261 pages

Robert Miller (Ven. Lozang Zöpa), Diana Finnegan (Ven. Lhundup Damchö), Matthew Wuethrich, Geshé Tséwang Nyima,
Geshé Rinchen Ngödrup

Toh 56 The Collected Teachings on the Bodhisattva

Sponsored by: Chang, Tai Kwang

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An important sūtra from the Ratnakuta (“Heap of Jewels”) collection that sets out in detail the stages and practices of the path of the Bodhisattva vehicle. It contains extensive explanations on key Mahāyāna practices, including the Four Immeasurable Thoughts, Six Perfections, and more.

No. of pages: 477 pages

The Norwegian Institute of Palaeography and Historical Philology (PHI):
Jens Braarvig, David Welsh, Fredrik Liland, Andrew Skilton

Toh 47 Teaching the Unfathomable Secrets of the Tathāgatas

Sponsored by: Leo Tong Chen and his family

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Teaching the Unfathomable Secrets of the Tathāgatas is a fascinating third turning mahayāna sūtra extracted from the larger Ratnakūṭa sūtra that explores a diversity of topics across 24 chapters and an epilogue.

Both the Buddha and Vajrapāṇi teach, discussing the secrets of the body, speech, and mind of the bodhisattvas and the buddhas, nonduality, the relationship of the nature of mind to the qualities of buddhas and bodhisattvas, and other subjects. It follows a consistently nondual perspective — identifying that while an awakened being may seem to be engaged in a conceptual or dualistic action, they never leave the scope of nonconceptual wisdom. It reveals the extraordinary freedom that awakened beings have in their acting in the world.

No. of pages: 205 pages

Dharmachakra Translation Committee:
Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche, Timothy Hinkle, Andreas Doctor

Toh 127 The King of Samādhis Sūtra

Sponsored by: Anonymous

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The King of Samādhis Sūtra is a mahāyāna sūtra of great importance, particularly as a much quoted source of authority—in both Indian and Tibetan traditions—for a range of aspects of Buddhist practice and philosophical views. The term samādhi is used throughout the text with a very wide range of meanings, including the experience of emptiness, all sorts of other practices for bodhisattvas, and as a reference to the text itself. The awakening obtained by recognizing the empty and illusory nature of all phenomena, and its merits and powers, is perhaps the core theme, but the text also describes the six perfections, aspects of discipline and ethics, the body of the Buddha, reflections on the qualities of the Buddha, other kinds of samādhi, and definitions for a large number of terms describing their merits and power.

For its exposition of emptiness, it was considered authoritative by the Madhyamaka philosophical tradition and is quoted extensively by Candrakīrti, Śāntideva, Śāntarakṣita, Kamalaśīla, Prajñākaramati, and others.

No. of pages: 339 pages

Dr. Peter Alan Roberts, Emily Bower, Yeshe Tulku

Toh 112 The White Lotus of Compassion Sūtra

Sponsored by: Anonymous

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The sūtra describes a previous life of Śākyamuni Buddha when he was a court priest to a king. He makes his prayer to become a buddha and causes the king, his princes, his own sons and pupils, and others, to also take the same vow. This is revealed to be the major event that is the origin of buddhas and bodhisattvas such as Amitābha, Akṣobhya, Avalokiteśvara, Mañjuśrī, and the thousand buddhas of our eon.

The “white lotus of compassion” in the title refers to Śākyamuni himself, emphasizing his superiority over all other buddhas, like a fragrant, healing white lotus among a bed of ordinary flowers. He chose to be reborn in an impure realm during the degenerate times. Because of this courageous vow of great compassion, Śākyamuni is considered one of the greatest buddhas.

No. of pages: 337 pages

Dr Peter Alan Robert, Emily Bower, Yeshi Tulku, Tracy Davis

Toh 147 The Teaching on the Great Compassion of the Tathāgatas

Sponsored by: Frank S T Gu

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This is one of the ten main sūtras connected with the notion of Buddha Nature (Tathāgatagarbha). It is frequently cited in the Treatise on the Sublime Continuum (Uttaratantra-Śāstra) and other commentarial texts that explain the topic.

No. of pages: 201 pages

Anne Burchardi, Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche, Ulrich Pagel

Toh 11 Perfection of Wisdom in 10,000 Lines

Sponsored by: Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche, and respectfully and humbly offered by Judy Cole, William Tai, Jie Chi Tai and families; Shi Jing and family; Wang Kang Wei and Zhao Yun Qi Family; and Matthew, Vivian, Ye Kong and Family.

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The Perfection of Wisdom sūtras are the principal texts of the Buddha’s “second turning of the Wheel of Dharma” on the subject of the emptiness of all phenomena.

This text exists only in its Tibetan translation, as its Sanskrit original has been lost. It collects many of the definitions scattered throughout the longer versions of the Perfection of Wisdom texts.

No. of pages: 789 pages

Padmakara Translation Group:
Dr. Gyurme Dorje, Dr. John Canti, Pema Wangyal Rinpoche, Jigme Khyentse Rinpoche

Toh 1 (Ch 6) Monastic Discipline, Chapter 6: On Medicinal Materials

Sponsored by: Leo Tong Chen and his family. (Chi Xian Ren) Mao Gui Rong, Chi Mei.

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The Vinayavastu (“Principles of Discipline”) is a compilation of material underlying the establishment of the rules of Buddhist discipline, and includes a wealth of stories, parables, and history.

The Principles of Medicines section contains a wealth of details on many medical practices, medicinal substances, and their preparation and uses, and includes many interesting stories and biographies.

No. of pages: 798 pages

Bhaisajyavstu Translation Team:
Dr. Fumi Yao, Shayne Clarke, Gregory Schopen, Masahiro Shimoda

Toh 340 The Complete Hundred Deeds

Sponsored by: Zhou Tian Yu, Chen Yi Qin, Irene Tillman, Archie Kao, Zhou Xun, 恒基伟业投资发展集团有限公司,李杰与李明全家(Two sponsorship opportunities left.)

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A prime piece of mahāyana narrative literature, and quoted in the Tengyur texts of later Tibetan masters, the two-volume The Sūtra of a Hundred Deeds (Karmaśataka) gives us fabulous accounts of Lord Buddha’s notable acts and foundational teachings. Colorful stories, culled from all walks of ancient Indian life, illustrate how actions and their consequences ripen from lifetime to lifetime, and beyond. The Hundred Deeds also features memorable stretches of verse, including a vivid set of metaphors foretelling the dire state of the world upon the disappearance of the Buddhadharma.

No. of pages: 873 pages

Tibetan Classics Translators Guild of NY:
Dr Lozang Jamspal, Thomas K. Fischer

Toh 10 Perfection of Wisdom in 8,000 Lines

Sponsored by: 般若八千頌譯經護持小組

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This sūtra takes the form of a series of dialogues between the Buddha Śākyamuni, Subhūti, Śāriputra, and others such as Indra, the king of gods, and a Goddess of the Ganges, and as well as setting out the teachings on emptiness as such it describes the path and practices that a bodhisattva should take to integrate this understanding of phenomena and finally realize it. A special feature of this particular sūtra are the inspirational narratives of Sadāprarudita and his quest for the teachings on the Perfection of Wisdom from the Bodhisattva Dharmodgata, contained in the final three chapters.

No. of pages: 570 pages

Toh 681 The Web of Lotuses, the Root Tantra of Avalokiteśvara

Sponsored by: I Chou and Pang Feng Yang Cheng

Toh 44 (Ch 45) Chapter 45 of the Avatamsaka Sūtra: The Gaṇḍhavyūha Sūtra
སྡོང་པོ་རྒྱན་པའི་ལེའུ། སྡོང་པ་བཀོད་པའི་མདོ།

Sponsored by: Richard and Carol Weingarten, Jamyang Sun, Manju Chandra Sun, Siqi Sun, and an anonymous sponsor.

Toh 543 The Root Tantra of Mañjuśri

Sponsored by: 中國宗薩寺堪布彭措郎加

Toh 106 Unravelling the Intent

Sponsored by: Qiang Li (李强) and Ya Wen (文雅)

Toh 113 Sūtra of the White Lotus of True Dharma

Sponsored by: May & George Gu

Toh 134 The Absorption That Encapsulates All Merit

Sponsored by: Shakya Dewa

Toh 201 The Seal of Engagement in Kindling the Power of Faith

Sponsored by: Shakya Dewa

Toh 482 The Great Sovereign of Practices, the Victory Over the Three Worlds

Sponsored by: Yi Jin & Carlo Imo

Toh 107 The Sūtra on the Descent into Laṅka

Sponsored by: Anonymous

Toh 50 The Array of the Tathāgata Akṣobhya

Sponsored by: Zhou Tian Yu, Chen Yi Qin, Irene Tillman, Archie Kao, Zhou Xun, Zhao Xuan

Toh 362 Kālacakra

Sponsored by: ‘Kalachakra – The Watch For World Peace’ ™

Toh 181 The Sūtra Teaching the Five Perfections

Sponsored by: Liu Fan and family

Toh 168 The Questions of Vimalaprabha

Sponsored by: Huizi Zuo and family

Toh 116 The Basket’s Display


Sponsored by: Tony Leung Chiu Wai and family

Toh 213 The Sūtra for the Benefit of Aṅgulimāla

Sponsored by: Frank Lyn and Ivy Lai

Toh 95 The Play In Full
廣大遊戲經 (方廣大莊嚴經)


Sponsored by: 簡源震及家人江秀敏,簡暐如,簡暐丞 Chien YuanChen (Dharma Das) and wife, daughter, and son.

Toh 287 Remaining Mindful of the True Dharma

Sponsored by: Sun Ping, Tian Xingwen, and Sun Fanglin.

Toh 686 The King of Detailed Procedures for Amoghapāśa

Sponsored by: Sun Ping, Tian Xingwen, and Sun Fanglin.

Toh 6 Finer Points of Discipline

Sponsored by: 胡作胜先生、王爱莲女士以及胡懿真小姐

Toh 724 The Great Practice of Tārā of the Piled Up Dreadlocks

Sponsored by: 胡作胜先生、王爱莲女士以及胡懿真小姐

Toh 442 Tantra of the Secret Assembly

Sponsored by: Anonymous

Toh 445 The Garland of Vajras

Sponsored by: All sentient beings, Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche, HH Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche, Hungtrampa Sey Namkha Dorje, Dolpo Gakar Tulku Ngawang Tenzin Gyurmey, Herlintje, Lina Herlintje, Hadi Widjaja, Ocean Widjaja, Asia Widjaja, Star Widjaja, Gold Widjaja

Toh 690 Detailed Procedures for the Thousand-Armed, Thousand-Eyed Avalokiteśvara
spyan ras gzigs lag stong mig stong gi cho ga zhib mo

Sponsored by: George Gu, May E Ho Gu, Likai Gu, Lilian Gu

Toh 691 The Incantation of the Thousand-Armed, Thousand-Eyed Avalokiteśvara
spyan ras gzigs phyag stong spyan stong gzungs

Sponsored by: George Gu, May E Ho Gu, Likai Gu, Lilian Gu

Toh 381 The Great Tantra Perfect Union

Sponsored by: Chua Ah Mee, Alan Kuek, Cindy Tok, Adrian Kuek, Andy Kuek, Tenzin Kuek, Peter Tok and in memory of late Kuek See Chai.

Toh 145/847 Incantation of the Precious Torch

Sponsored by: Make and Wang Xiao Juan (馬珂和王曉娟)

Toh 46 The Teaching on Clearing the Boundless Gates

Sponsored by: Qiang Li (李强) and Ya Wen (文雅).

Toh 110 The Sūtra of the Dense Array

Sponsored by: Liu Xiao Lei

Toh 101 Obtaining the Roots of Virtue

Sponsored by: Huang Yi-Shong, Huang Tsai Shun-Ching, All Sentient Beings

Toh 372 Ocean of Ḍākas, a Yoginītantra

Sponsored by: Zhang Wei, Li Mo, Zhang Mo Tong, Zhang Mo Lin

Toh 14 The Perfection of the Wisdom Teachings “The Questions of Suvikrantavikramin”

Sponsored by:One Page Sutras Group

Toh 59 The Array of Virtues of the Mañjuśrī Buddha Realm

Sponsored by:Jimmy, Victor (Ong Hui Hong), Ananda, Lorreta, Michael, Nikita

Toh 556 The Sovereign Lord of Sūtras, The Golden Light

Sponsored by:E E, May-E, Minda, Chung-Da Ho

Toh 152 The Sūtra of the Questions of Sāgaramati

Sponsored by:Zhou Tian Yu, Chen Yi Qin, Irene Tillman, Archie Kao, Zhou Xun, Zhao Xuan

Toh 557 The Sovereign Lord of Sūtras, The Sublime Golden Light

Sponsored by:May Gu, Likai Gu and Tiffany Tai, Lillian Gu and Jerry Yen, and dedicated to George Gu.

Toh 833 The Magical Net of Vajrasattva, the Mirror of All Secrets

Sponsored by:Make and Wang Xiao Juan (馬珂和王曉娟)

We would like to thank the 108 Founding Sponsors who so generously provided the seed funding to help 84000 get started with its task of translating the words of the Buddha. Each of these sponsors gave or pledged to give between $50,000-$250,000 to help us begin our journey. In addition to providing the funding for the initial rounds of translations, the funds are being used or have been used to: create the infrastructure for reviewing, editing, and pre-publication work; develop the tools and resources necessary for translation work; train translators and editors; and offset both the costs of the initial planning, and the current and ongoing administrative and operating costs.

With the vision and generosity of these Founding Sponsors, 84000 has been able to successfully launch and significantly progress with the immense task of translating the words of the Buddha. We offer our heartfelt thanks to all our Founding Sponsors for enabling us to safeguard this invaluable world heritage, and making it available for generations to come.

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Our 108 Founding Sponsors

1 Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche and Khyentse Foundation
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10 Kris Yao, Xiang-Jen Yao
11 Prajnarakshita
12 May and George Gu, Likai, Lillian, E E Ho, Minda Ho
13 Florence Koh
14 Ang Gah Lin
15 Chan Kim Chang
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17 Michelle Lin, Phillip Liao
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51 Sukha
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53 Oser
54 Janet Lin Hsiu-Jen
55 Beverly S. Lin
56 Suresh Jindal and Devki Foundation
57 Anonymous
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59 Yao Mei Ru
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66 Anonymous
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71 Anonymous
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76 All sentient beings
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100 Anonymous
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105 Hershey Family Foundation
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108 Meng Shu Ping Family

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