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The 84000 Reading Room provides an immersive online reading environment that allows direct and interactive access to the teachings of the Buddha.

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Users of the Reading Room are now able to:

  • Read full translations of texts, including introductory summaries.
  • Scan the comprehensive list of section titles and text titles of the entire Kangyur in three languages: English, Tibetan, and Sanskrit; and of the Tengyur in Tibetan and Sanskrit (includes titles of both translated and not-yet-translated texts).
  • Read guides to the history and contents of each section of the Kangyur.
  • Quick access to the list of translations.
  • Make use of the integrated three-language glossary and subject classification system linked to each translation.
  • Read the notes without having to refer back and forth.

*Note: If you have difficulty accessing the Reading Room, please clear cache and try again.

Features that will be released in the future:

  • Downloading of PDF and other ebook formats
  • Cumulative glossary
  • Search function for lobby titles
  • Search function within texts
  • Links to source texts
  • Bilingual views
  • Mobile and tablet apps


Learn how to use the Reading Room and its features:

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Access the Reading Room

Click on the “Reading Room” tab on the menu, or go directly to


Navigate around the Reading Room

(A) Section view
The main page is the topmost Section view, allowing you to see the principal sections of the Kangyur, e.g. Discipline (Vinaya), Discourses (Sūtra).


(B) Subsection view
Click on a Section tile to see the subdivisions of that section (if there are any), e.g. within Discourses (Sūtra) there are five of the traditional subdivisions of the Kangyur.


Click the “Learn more about…” button for each section or subdivision to open an introduction to the history and contents of that section.

(C) Title view
– Click on a Section or subdivision tile for a complete list of the titles (in Tibetan, English and Sanskrit) of all the texts contained in that division of the Kangyur.

– The box to the right of each title tells you whether a translation of the text is available, in process, or not yet begun; and if a translation is available, the box will link you to it.

– By toggling the “filter texts” button above the right-hand side of the title lists, you can choose to display all the titles, or only the titles of translated texts.


Click the “Summary and variant titles” button within each title to see a summary of the text (if available) and a complete list of variant titles. Alternatively, the summaries and variant titles of the texts in the list can all be opened together by clicking the “Expand all summaries” button at the top left of the list.


Quick access to the list of translations

Click on the “Translated Texts” on the top right hand corner. This simplified list of translated texts is provided to allow easy, quick access to the translations.


View translation


Use the integrated glossary


Use the notes


We hope you enjoy the Reading Room. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or feedback on the reading room. Thank you for your continuing support.

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