H.H. Ganden Tripa Rizong Sras Rinpoche
14 Sep, 2010

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(Letter translated into English from Tibetan)  

To the Sublime Reincarnation of Khyentse Rinpoche and the Organizers of the Buddhist Literary Heritage Project, a Glorious Institute of Sakya Dzongsar, with Respect,

I would like to express my joyous and enthusiastic gratitude for the letter, prospectus, and explanations which I recently received from you.

After the Third Counsel collected the words of our Compassionate Teacher as well as the works of the Indian sages, all these were gradually put in writing—first in the Indian language, then eventually translated into Chinese and Tibetan as well. The great variety of literature we now possess we owe to the kindness of the panditas and the translators of those scriptures.

Similarly nowadays, in these late times, if we are able to translate all these scriptures into various languages—English and so forth—needless to say it will be useful in preserving the Buddha’s precious doctrine for a long time. For this reason I wholeheartedly thank you for your respect, kindness and graciousness on account of the plans that were mentioned in your letter.

When something is important it must be emphasized. And if it pertains to the holy Dharma, we should repeat it 100 times! Since all of you are great knowledgeable persons there is no need for one such as me to say it. Nevertheless—if there was a spelling error in the composition of scriptures in ancient India it was corrected. And if there was an error in the meaning the author was chastised and unable to publish.

Now in our day there is much new Buddhist literature being composed and translated into many other languages. Many of these contradict the actual meaning of the scriptures, as you know. Therefore not only translation into other languages but careful revision with other learned persons should be undertaken again and again. I have seen how crucial this is, therefore I ask you to please please bear it in mind.

On the Auspicious 3rd Day of the the 8th Month of the Iron Tiger in the Tibetan Year of the 17th Rabjung, Respectfully,

Thupten Nyima

Reincarnation of Ladakh Rizong Sras

102nd Throne-Holder of Gaden Monastery

H.H. Sakya Trizin
9 Apr, 2010

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萨迦崔钦  二零一零年四月九日于印度拉普

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薩迦崔欽  二零一零年四月九日於印度拉普

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